Drew Deveaux and Cyd Loverboy: Push Up, Push It Good!

When Drew Deveaux, a sexy Canadian trans woman, met dream boat trans man Cyd Loverboy, I had a feeling something really special was about to happen. They are both such enigmatic switches, each most known for their powerful top attitudes as well as being able to take serious poundings! In this scene they take it to the limit. It starts with an intense push up contest where the prize is getting fucked – so we know we know the sex is coming after this sexual tension build up!  Drew wins and yanks Cyd’s clothes off, threatening him with his own studded belt. The leather comes off and the slick, lube covered black latexed hand of Drew slides into Cyd deliciously after a few stingy and thuddy slaps to the face and ass. The hand upgrades to the shiny, humungous nJoy Eleven – which makes Cyd come extremely hard, jizzing all over the bed. The scene ends with a sweet fuck-drunk interview, where we discover that none of this scene was scripted – not even the push ups!

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