My sexy solo set on Cocksexual has been published, and I am sooo happy with it! After knowing Furry Girl for 8 years, I finally got the chance to meet her and make some porn! And doing something I really, really love – dressing up in full femme glory with a big, fat cock.

Cocksexual is an awesome new porn site that features girls, boys, and genderqueers posing and fucking with strap-ons! It’s not your standard, fake-lesbian strap-on site with cheap harnesses, jelly dongs, and tongue kisses – it’s got a classy, nasty, queer/pansexual realness to it, and everyone on the site is a true lover of the strap-on, me included!

I love love love jerking off a strap-on while I’m masturbating. It’s a sure-fire way to get off hard and fast for me. There’s something about the genderfucking for me, being a curvy, pretty, feminine girl with a cock. Red lipstick, pink pussy, and a raging boner. Yep, that’s me.

Here’s a few photos from the set, but to see me jerking off I’m going to ask that you go join Cocksexual and support queer porn! The video of me jekring off and coming all over the place will be up later on this week. You can see my free profile page on the site and check it out.

(Oh yeah, there’s also a video and photos of me fucking Pepper Sox, as well as dozens of extremely hot girls and boys on that site. It’s totally worth your while.)