Carnal Nation Hosts the Seven Minutes in Heaven Shoot

My forth film, the first of a reality series I’m directing, is called Seven Minutes In Heaven. It was shot last weekend at the home of Theresa, a chief editor over at CarnalNation.Com.  Here’s what they had to say about the shoot:

Seven Minutes in Heaven – Behind the Scenes At a Porn Shoot (SFW)

from CarnalNation Headlines by John Pettitt

Shooting porn is not as exciting as you might think. It’s like all TV production, mostly a lot of hurry up and wait.

CarnalNation spent Tuesday evening on the set of an all-girl / genderqueer alt-porn movie. The movie, Courtney Trouble’s Seven Minutes in Heaven Part One: Coming Out, is described by Courtney (the director) as “the first ‘gonzo’ Queer Porn ever made.” Porn often gets criticized for lack of script or plot; this film takes that critique and turns it on its head. Everything after the opening was unscripted and improvised. The cast got to pick their own partners, toys and scenes in a reality TV style shoot, including a self-directed “video confessional.”

Cast and Director

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