Hey babes!

I’ve got 2 signed DVDs ready to fly out the door, perfect for your coffee table! Brag to your friends! Cherish your queer porn collection!

First up, Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out
This AVN-nominated film is the very first of the ground-breaking Seven Minutes in Heaven series, where seven wild and raunchy queers get together for an unscripted, unplanned, pick-your-own-sex-adventure orgy. Starring Puck Goodfellow, Carson, Tina Horn, Sarah Lee Sinful, and Jolene Parton – this DVD is signed by Courtney Trouble and is two hours of sexy, hardcore, adorable, switchy fun.

Second up, we’ve got Billy Castro Does the Mission – signed by BILLY CASTRO and Courtney Trouble!

My best-selling DVD by far, this film features Billy Castro, one day in the life. Seduced by Dylan Ryan, Akira Raine, Jiz Lee, and Lorelei Lee, Billy proves he can just about make anyone come as hard as they can. Signed by Billy Castro AND Courtney Trouble, this is a one-of-a-kind collector’s item that can only go to one person…

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