Brook Rain

I came so loud for QPTV and I loved it!


What Makes You Queer? 
It’s difficult to answer this one mostly because I’m really really gay rather than queer. Sure I like sucking cock sometimes and sure I get off on guys jerking off to me while eating my girlfriend’s pussy but does that make me queer? Probably
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
I feel so bratty because I wanna argue against this question, I don’t really consider myself a queer pornstar and if I am then damnit I want my followers! Porn itself has given me freedom to fuck other girls without feeling like a slut, I’m just furthering my career.
What do you hope to accomplish by making queer porn?
I love meeting new people and then getting them off so I hope to accomplish way more of that plus maybe allow like minded people to find my porn and not feel so alone and weird because they’ll see that I’m a freak and that’s ok
What is your favorite sex toy?
Honestly, I’ve always been uber sensitive to toys like the Hitachi that involve vibration for some reason so I generally shy away from toys and prefer my girlfriends fingers over anything else
Pitch your life as a reality tv show
I wake up to the snortling of Chihuahua’s and the purring of cats to smell the beautiful aroma of weed coming from a bong in the living room. Pan wide to find Pornstar Bella Vendetta doing super sick bong rips blasting Drake. I ask what’s for breakfast and she hands me the bong and a kick ass plate of apple pancakes  *Cut to The Fosters Theme Song*
Tell Us about your QPTV scene
In my scene I’m being spanked by Bella Vendetta for watching Pirated Porn on Pornhub. I’m screaming and kicking my leggies and apologizing profusely but she doesn’t let up until I learn my lesson. The scene makes me squeamish to watch now haha
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