Billy Castro & Lorelei Lee

I have been waiting for this day for a very, very long time. Speakeasy is a movie that’s as close to my heart as my family, I love it so fucking much. This right here is a teaser scene from the movie, and my favorite scene in the movie no less. It stars Billy Castro, the hottest trans man I have ever known, and Lorelei Lee – the hottest porn star I have ever known!

Watch, then buy Speakeasy. It will break your heart how damn good it is.

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16 Replies to “Billy Castro & Lorelei Lee”

  1. god damn that’s hot!

  2. charlie

    holy shit. who Wouldn’t play along to that??

  3. AJ

    jesus, i can’t think of two people i would rather fuck! so hot!

  4. Shawna

    crazy hot! billy castro *SWOON*

  5. D.

    me, too!!!! me, too!!!!

  6. ftmriotguy

    Love the gum under the table. The whole thing is delicious!

  7. Amie

    Oh my gosh. No Fauxxx rules my life. Lorelei is a fucking goddess.

  8. faith

    wow. just wow.

  9. Laura So incredibly hot. Those two are both swoon-worthy. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Congratulations, CT, great job!

  10. Huckleberry Sin

    yeow. they both make such scrumptious noises….mmmmm….

  11. Penny

    Extremely fucking hot!!

  12. MD

    Wow! What an amazingly sexy scene! Can’t wait to get Speakeasy!

  13. Elise

    Wow, I wish that went on forever! So sexy!

  14. HamiltonHexx

    Hot, hot and hot! I’m addicted now.

  15. 1HrnyBstrd

    What can I say……I could say everything that’s going through my mind right now, but there’s not enough room for me type all the GREAT things about this (partial)scene. I do have one question…..If I but the DVD through your website, is this scene in it’s entirety with the fisting included? Please tell me “YES.”


  16. dani

    billy is fucking hottttt, i almosted submtted my photos just to get fucked by him. yummyyyyyy

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