Chelsea Submits, our newest film!

Chelsea Submits is a colorful femme BDSM film featuring Chelsea Poe, Sinn Sage, Alani Pi, Ruby Riots and Lita Lecherous. Chelsea explores sploshing, humiliation, slut training and generally roughed up by 3 super hot femme dommes!!!

“Playing with Chelsea is so fun – she loves getting messy just as much as I do,” exclaims Lita Lecherous who douses Chelsea in sticky cum in a pervy hot pink birthday scene in the new TROUBLEfilms exclusive release, Chelsea Submits. The raven-haired femme dom who makes her porn debut this year continued, “The scene was a huge fantasy of mine and she was the perfect fit.”

Bratty roommates Alanı Pi and Chelsea Poe get some domestic discipline from fed up roommate Sinn Sage. Sinn Sage strap ons a cock and puts her roommates in line over the kitchen counter. Ruby Riots has a kinky lesbian takedown of Chelsea Poe. Chelsea gets an anal hook in her ass before Ruby uses her mouth with her strap on. Lita Lecherous introduces her submissive slut Chelsea Poe to her new life as a bimbo fuckdoll. Chelsea gets covered in cum, forced to worship Lita’s boots and fingered until she squirts all over.

Click here to purchase Chelsea Submits or browse some more hardcore previews of the new film!

“I really wanted to explore more of my kinks on camera and show a more colorful expression of bdsm that isn’t just simply black leather in a dungeon.” says Chelsea Poe, who stars in Chelsea Submits as a seasoned submissive performer/director. Courtney Trouble provided camerawork for the film, giving it that bright TROUBLEfilms glow. “We recently were able to make a new studio space so getting back into these new scenes is completely exciting,” says Trouble. “Working with Chelsea Poe is as lovely as always, our partnership is in it’s 5th year (since our co-direction debut in Fucking Mystic) and it just keeps getting better. Co-creating these films with her is an absolute dream and the titles always seem to resonate with our fans, so I’m grateful for that too. I hope people this movie is fun as hell!”

Says Chelsea, who directed this film with hopes of pushing herself in BDSM and fetish, describes her process:

“It was so great to work with such great dommes in Lita and Ruby here in the Bay Area. Working with both of them makes me feel such a sense of community with shooting in Oakland again. It was so great to perform with Alani Pi, I really looked up to her as a submissive performer from when I started at kink when I was 21. Sinn really took control of the 3some with Alani and always brings such a great top energy to set.”

Chelsea Poe, Sinn Sage, Alani Pi | Photo by Courtney Trouble
Chelsea Poe and Ruby Riots | Screencap by Courtney Trouble

TROUBLEfilms Re-releases “The Adventures of Bella and Morgan” by Beautiful Revenge Productions Digitally and on DVD

For Immediate release, August 15th 2019 (Full Moon!)

It’s a big titted femme brunette extravaganza! Queer and sparkly glitter baths, traditional fan dances and Mistress Bella Vendetta whipping Morgan Fey to tears.

“The Adventures of Bella and Morgan” is a compilation DVD of work with director and performer Bella Vendetta, and burlesque starlet and fetish model Morgan Fey.  Both femme performers hail from New England and have been working together for well over a decade.

“I put this compilation out a few months after ‘The Training of Poe’ but that film has already gained momentum in an unexpected way and I was knee deep in touring and the film festival circuit so it kind of got buried.  Morgan Fey has a special place in My heart and I love our work together so I’m so glad it can have some new life and get the attention it deserves.” Said Bella about the re release.

Courtney Trouble’s boundary crossing queerporn cornerstone company, TROUBLEfilms is re-releasing a DVD compilation directed by XBiz and AVN-nominated Bella Vendetta.

The DVD is six scene consisting  of live burlesque performances, behind the scenes of photoshoots and some heady and intense BDSM scenes originally shot for

TROUBLEfilms CEO Courtney Trouble had this to say: “The more of Bella’s content we add to our platform, the more we start fo feel like something here is really rounding out for us. Her homegrown, beautifully shot BDSM content goes far with our viewers and we love the dominant, queer, rebellious fuck-you bad-ass attitude she brings to our roster. TROUBLEfilms does NOT shy away from submissive tears in this gutsy release!”

The film is available as a download as well as a physical DVD purchase. DVD purchases come signed and with a limited edition signed glossy print.  DVD extras include still photo gallery.

To check out the photos from the release party for the film hosted at the 5th alarm Gentlemen’s club in Springfield MA check out this folder:

This compilation film contains work from BrutalMaster.Com, Beautiful Revenge Productions, and is distributed amongst multiple platforms including Clips4Sale.

For press inquiries, interviews or reviews please email:

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Courtney Trouble and Chelsea Poe return to Europe with an all-new queer porn art film and some surprises! Locate your closest city and plan your trip now:

Confirmed Cities

Amsterdam, October 16th,

London, October 17th or 18th,
location TBA
with Dykes in The Pit, Sluts 4 Sluts, and the Tuffragettes

Brighton, October 19th or 20th ,
location TBA

Berlin, October 21st,
location – still looking!
with Sluts 4 Sluts and other queer porn artists

Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble are about to bring TROUBLEfilms’ new queer porn art film XØXØX on tour to Europe, with 4 screenings set in London, Brighton, Amsterdam, and Berlin before appearing at the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

XØXØX is described by Poe as “a new kind of queer porn film, filled with art and truly explicit pornography.” Incorporating trippy visuals from various places including Berlin, Las Vegas, and the smoky Oakland skies of November 2018. TROUBLEfilms is proud to distribute this queer porn film by Chelsea Poe that incorporates lush layers, creative lighting, and abstract color stories over hot queer hook ups. Trippy location-based visuals set the scene for each strap on thrust, each kiss, and finger-and-Hitachi-fueled orgasm. 

XØXØX: A queer porn; an explicite art creation made by Chelsea Poe with Aussie pop artist KT Spit. The opening scene features Courtney Trouble and Xoe Nova hooking up while overlays of the Las Vegas strip pulses to the electronic dance music over moans and hitachi buzz. Manon Praline and Mahx Capacity get into a scene of loving bdsm impact play. Shot in Berlin and San Francisco in the Castro, the overlays play into the action but never detract from the gonzo-style handheld explicit sex footage. Chelsea Poe and Jane Way hook up in a posh hotel. Chelsea Poe tops Jane with her strap on until Jane is literally choking on their own cock.

The hardcore scenes of Courtney Trouble and Xoe Nova and Mahx Capacity were shot by Chelsea Poe, while Chelsea’s scene with Jane Way was shot by Courtney Trouble. Mixing wide angle gonzo-style GoPro technology with the queer porn style and bright overlays “hopefully provides an entertaining watch; more than the lovely reward of watching a porn but also of seeing cool colors and compositions,” says co-editor and visuals provider Courtney Trouble.

“Screening in towns and cities creates community around sexual expression and fosters political and personal intimacy,” says Trouble; “making connections between queer music, visual art, and queer porn through touring is how we feel like we are engaging with the Queer Arts and making space in those community for sex workers and minorities.”

In 2018, Poe and Trouble toured London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris with Fucking Against Fascism, another vignette anthology by Poe that looks deeply into the queer sex the artist is able to document in her DIY process; sometimes meaning where she is able to afford to work or with other sex workers she’s able to barter with. A highlight of the ‘18 tour was “our venue in Amsterdam!,” which Trouble explains attracted a huge crowd, sold out, and inspired an ongoing screening series at Vrankrijk benefiting Trans Lifeline.

“For me,” says Poe, “its getting these films accessible to queer folks in these cities around the world.” Poe is from a town of Dutch immigrants in Michigan and identifies as a Dutch American pornographer on Twitter, where she’s also been quoted as “Cooler to smoke with than Miley Cyrus,” according to fellow indie artist Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! 

Read Chelsea Poe’s recent interview in PAPER Magazine.

Poe takes her work “to places where queers usually consume Art” she says because she feels rewarded by the crowds. “I feel really lucky to have found a way with that connects with queer folks around the world. Screenings have been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”

Press Inquiries/Review Requests please contact laceylust666 at (Chelsea Poe) or courtneytrouble at

The film is for sale at RealQueerPorn.Com and TROUBLEilms.Com

Chelsea Poe Releases New Queer Porn Film, XØXØX

TROUBLEfilms is proud to distribute Explicit queer porn film by Chelsea Poe that incorporates lush layers, creative lighting, and abstract color stories over hot queer hook ups. Trippy location-based visuals set the scene for each strap on thrust, each kiss, and finger-and-Hitachi-fueled orgasm.

Press Inquiries/Review Requests please contact laceylust666 at (Chelsea Poe)

The film is for sale at RealQueerPorn.Com and TROUBLEilms.Com

Sinn Sage launches Going Deeper series with a legendary Lily LaBeau feature

Format: Digital Download

Starring: Sinn Sage, Lily LaBeau

Produced by: Sinn Sage Studios

Download Includes: Full Length Film in 720 and 480, Bonus Scene, Stills, and Full Resolution Trailer

Going Deeper explores the high chemistry relationships Sinn Sage develops with some of the industry’s most amazing girl/girl performers. Volume One features Lily LaBeau in a super-intimate sex scene shot in HD and offered to you in full, alongside a beautiful interview with Lily and Sinn, another full length scene for you to enjoy, and a set of stills you can study for years.

“Over the many years of my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best performers out there,” Sinn explains regarding the birth of her new line of chemistry-driven lesbian content. She continues: “With a few of my costars, I’ve been blessed enough to develop deeper levels of closeness, intimacy, and erotic connectedness. The Going Deeper series aims to share a little of that with you.”

“I was so surprised when Sinn said she would be in my home city, Seattle!”, exclaimed LaBeau. “Our intense chemistry and the romantic Northwest vibes were a recipe for one very sensual and steamy lovemaking session! I love what Sinn does to my body, I love our giving and receiving of energy and pleasure. I love Sinn Sage!!”

This is Sinn Sage’s 4th film as a director; her third for TROUBLEfilms. Fans and industry alike should know – Sinn Sage owns her films and takes home a majority percentage of her products with the collective. By purchasing this film, you’re directly supporting Sinn and her future projects.


A Lotta Love, A Lotta Lust!

OUT NOW: “Love & Lust” featurette released on Valentine’s Day by TROUBLEfilms and Sinn Sage Studios.

Love & Lust captures a real moment where genderqueer performer Courtney plans an overnight date with Sinn Sage and her husband. Shot by Rae Threat and Chelsea Poe, this film is a TROUBLEfilms collaborative effort that breaks all molds. It’s an Oral Sex film, with double head for everyone. It’s a bisexual film, exploring Sinn Sage’s fluid sexuality on camera in a rare performance with her husband and a queer porn star. It’s a Couple’s Film, shattering expectations of what a Valentine’s Night could look like for two perverts in love. It’s a queer porn film, with Sinn and Courtney fucking each other in all their sexual fluidity, endlessly appreciating each other and generally being gay af. It’s a Gay Porn film, with two cocks pressed into a twink’s hole because quite simply, one cock just wasn’t enough for them. It’s a Squirting film, with big loads of ejaculate and gushing puddles of real squirt hitting bodies, beds, and cameras throughout the piece. 

“We had mentioned that we’d be more than happy to create a scene with all three of us. at the time, i was really just throwing it out there, and wasn’t totally sure if Courtney would be into it, but it’s definitely always an option for us!” explains Sinn Sage. “I guess they thought about it enough, contemplated over the love that’s visible in our marriage and the love we share for other women, and made the FABULOUS decision to reach out to me and declare an interest in working with us as a couple!”

Get Love & Lust.

“Sinn Sage and her husband Drake have an adorable date over for a couple’s retreat Valentine’s Day date. Tired of porn, they really wanted something they could feel. So they got me!” says Courtney Trouble. “I don’t do many men, but I love Sinn so much that when I met Drake, the crush started to rub off on me. Quite literally. I would get turned on when he was on set, and got a kick out of figuring out was his kinks were when we were off the clock, enjoying post-work meals as a creative team.” This is Trouble’s first scene with P-in-V penetration with a cis man that’s on a mainstream release (thier first being “Cockfetish” starring Karla Lane and Mo Reese) and Courtney’s first ever double vaginal penetration. “I think Sinn was inspired to do this because the last time we shot together, her and Chelsea Poe were able to hold hands inside of my cunt. Sinn believes in my body sometimes more than I do. That’s why I trust her, and her husband, with every inch of my body in this film. I loved it.”

low res trailer 🙂
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