hello, i am Trouble! i started doing online sex work and making porn in the year 2000 at the ripe age of 18. i identity as a millennial cyber slut, all fifteen years of my work can be found right here at TROUBLEfilms.Com – because most of the porn I’ve been in, I own. 

i love working directly with my fans, other sex workers, my lovers, and my friends to come up with the most fun scenes we can. i am bisexual but for the most part only play and perform with women or non-binary queer folks. I occasionally work with trans men, and my work with cis men is very limited, kinda like a rare pokemon 😉 I identify as an All-Girl Performer because my mission and identity as a performer is as a femme-forward queer. I also identify as plus size, though I use the tag BBW occasionally to reach the fans. I also generally identify as non-binary femme, and prefer the pronoun “they” though most of the time, I am presenting as a woman or a femme in my work and the pronoun “she” is a perfectly acceptable pronoun as well. “He” wont make me mad either. You can’t mess it up! 🙂

i have a multi-disciplinary life. i am a full time grad student working towards a Masters in Visual Critical Studies. This means I read a lot of books, know a lot about theory, and love coffee and Kruger. (Barbara). i am also running this website,,, and a couple others where i am creating or curating queer porn. i have not directed porn since i started grad school, but i write about my experiences, i occasionally mentor others, and am proud to work alongside Chelsea Poe and her various TROUBLEfilms directorial projects. i am also a full time sex worker, working mostly in custom or themed clips, self-published hardcore, and cross-produced DIY xxx scenes with other porn babes. 

Like I said, all fifteen years of my work can be found right here at TROUBLEfilms.Com. 


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You can also find me on the following clip platforms. 

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