Courtney Trouble & Scout

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When Courtney Trouble cast Toronto native Scout in a porn scene, she never guessed that Scout – a youthful, creative, genderqueer creature – would follow her all the way back to San Francisco just to fuck the director. But that’s what  happened, and with the windows open for all of downtown to see, this switchy pair, shall we say, hit it off. In fact, they had already started by the time I showed up to their hotel room; I followed them around with my camera for hours while they completely ignored me, engrossed in rough passionate queer sex. Scout is a tireless top, but also a masochist, and Trouble slaps them around even as she chokes on their sparkly unicorn cock. Scout strap-on fucks Trouble doggy style, piledrives her, and gives head to an NJoy Eleven in Trouble’s cunt. Trouble, a vicious and vivacious little tart, bosses Scout around and cums over and over again. Trouble loves to get her ass spanked and pussy punched and luckily Scout loves to follow orders! Run Time: 25.19

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  1. […] performance to date… (link to flickr photoset of my entire time in canada!) that month i also shot a scene with Scout, who I met on set for Roulette Toronto and earned mutual crushes. the scene ended up on […]

  2. phoenixxx says:

    so unbelievably hot

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