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      Basic Rules:

      Don’t promote hate, period.
      Personal differences should be handled privately, if you continue to have problems with someone please report them to us.
      Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated.
      We can ban and kick at our own discretion for any reason, but mostly just if you’re being a total bigot or jerk – you’re gone from this space.
      This is for the ENJOYMENT and BENEFIT of ALL OF US.

      No pitches, do not ask for work from TROUBLEfilms. We have a FAQ for that.
      No illegal activities or solicitation.
      No FSSW ads, anywhere.

      ON the DANCE FLOOR, You may leave flyers for your third party scene sales or affiliate links to scenes you’ve done for other studios if you are a TROUBLEfilms performer! We support you! Please though, if it doesn’t fit into any of our usual posting guidelines (nothing that promotes any kind of hateful act so racism, ableism, and some depictions of male dominance and/or toxic masculinity at moderator’s discretion)

      More rules coming if we need them.
      Try to treat the forums like you would a public space, like a performance venue. Respect the performers as they come through the public spaces, mind your manners with your fellow party goers, and kick back and enjoy your time on this porn site.

      Who knows, maybe this porn site can become a porn community!

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