Julie Simone & Trouble: Strap On Suspension Bondage

Courtney Trouble suspended and fucked in a straight jacket by Julie Simone in a strap on. shot by jacqueline mary directed by courtney troubl all ropework by Julie Simone shot on location with AVN Hall of Famer Miss Julie Simone (there is a cooling fan,… see page

Femme4Femme Suspension Fuck: Caroline Fox and Keelie Bradshaw

Two gorgeous femmes play in a Winnipeg loft, a sweet lesbian couple, getting kinky in Canada! A collaborative effort and shot by Kate Sinclaire and Courtney Trouble, this scene explores suspension bondage and penetration, orgasm denial, and precarious positioning, ending in a love-filled orgasm! Member’s… see page

Jiz Lee & Dallas Fivestar: Heart in Rope

Jiz Lee is one of our muses, a gender fluid deity surrounded by light, love, and sensual energy. When Jiz brought real life lover Dallas Fivestar onto the set of Speakeasy, we were excited to see the passion of their bedtime games, as well as… see page