The Vault: Alter Ego by C. Batts Fly and April Flores

A C. Batts film in it’s entirety is really the only way to enjoy them properly – and Alter Ego, a shimmering glimmer of April’s earliest erotic performances and shot by her adoring husband. Members Only: Watch Full Scene Here!  … (keep going) see page

Erin: Say Hello!

Say Hello to Erin, our newest No Fauxxx Fox! You’re about to see a lot more of her in an upcoming video with her real life partner Jules, but today, this update is all about her! This was a fun photo shoot! Honestly anytime an adorable lady takes her clothes off outside, I get pretty excited, but this really was… (keep going) see page

Cum & Glitter: Dorian Faust’s Burlesque

Indie Porn Revolution is proud, and super super excited, to be a promotional sponsor of Cum and Glitter, a performer-owned sex performance speakeasy that caters to the most awesome customer base in the world – you! This member’s only update from sexpot burlesque star Dorian Faust is only the beginning – stay tuned for lesbian lust, plus size promiscuity, and… (keep going) see page