Courtney Trouble Releases “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”

Courtney Trouble has released “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”, a short film about fat femme desire, on the heels of their successful IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for art school. Communicating the rejection of dating ads often stating “no femmes, no fatties”, “APRICOT FOR APRICOT” demonstrates the beauty of connection when like calls to like without using dialogue. “I had a great… (keep going) see page

Stoli: NoFauxxxGasm

Embed: Start at: This, one of the very first videos to ever appear on No Fuaxxx, has that vintage early 00’s vibe. The revolution of the digital age made it possible for us to record our orgasms and put them up on the internet. And in these modern times when we upload the littlest moments, let’s not forget the time… (keep going) see page