Rex & Mademoiselle

Part One Trailer: Part Two Trailer: VIP Members: Watch This Now! \ Not a member yet? Get Instant Access! This story of domestic BDSM bliss is not so far from the truth for these real life lovers, but on screen they make this special connection immortal with cuffs, kissing, and two of the best blow jobs we’ve ever seen. And… (keep going) see page

Daddy’s Little Princess: Tori Lux, Aiden Starr, Mickey Mod

Embed: Start at: Indie Porn Revolution Celebrity Guest Director Series is bringing the dirtiest minds off camera and behind the lens, and this incredible BDSM-heavy, sloppy, fuckfest of a scene by queen Arabelle Raphael is no exception. In fact, it’s probably the best idea we’ve ever had. Arabelle Raphael is Daddy, presenting her pretty princess Tori Lux to two fuck… (keep going) see page

Devlyn Red and Kelly Shibari

Embed: Start at: Kelly Shibari’s caught the naughty, and impeccably dressed, Devlyn Red in her dungeon, and this hot date turns dangerous. Devlyn gets cuffed to the table and served up as Kelly’s playtoy. She serves as a toy well, squirming and squealing under Kelly’s masterful teasing and taunting. Finally, Kelly fucks Devlyn hard with a glass dildo and her… (keep going) see page

Betty Blac & Kitty Stryker Part Two

VIP LOUNGE MEMBERS WATCH NOW! We know the first half of this scene was so explosive you thought they were done – but when Betty saw the leather sex sling in the corner of the room, she just HAD to strap the lovely Kitty into it and take her for a ride full of chains, cuffs, vibes, spankings, and fucks.… (keep going) see page

Sadie Lune & Ava Solanas

Embed: Start at: Ava’s big sister Sadie is a barefoot-and-pregnant punk rock top with a big of a jealous streak, and Ava knew exactly what to do to provoke her sister into the kinds of sexual deviancy that will get her off for good. No kitchen utensil goes un-abused in this domestic lesbian sister fuck fest! In this grande 30… (keep going) see page

Kitty Stryker & Betty Blac

VIP Lounge: Members, Watch Now! In one of the fleshiest, steamiest, sultryiest scenes we’ve ever shot, Kitty Stryker and Betty Blac simply cannot wait to get naked and sweaty with each other. this scene is rough and romantic, proving yet again that femmes  can do it every which way, and do it so… fucking…. well…. These orgasms are epic, and… (keep going) see page

Scout and Lascivia

Embed: Start at:   Think we just gave it all away?? Nope! That was just the beginning. This scene is full of tons and tons of amazing squirting!! These two are also super cute and have the hottest chemistry.   Directed by Courtney Trouble Member’s Only: Watch it Now! Click on the icon in the corner to watch this full… (keep going) see page