Rob & Skylar

[jwplayer config=”scene” mediaid=”3302″] VIP Lounge Watch Now for Free: Log In More Information These two queer men, Rob Benson & Skylar Cove, meet in a subway, flirt in a theater, and fuck in a public restroom in our debut QueerPornTV NYC scene shot by Tina Horn in her new hometown. Let’s celebrate being bi-coastal by enjoying these two seriously smokin… (keep going) see page

Walter & Nikolaj : Honeymoon

Queerly Beloved, we are all gathered here today to watch you FUCK! The first time we shot Walter and Nikolaj on our rooftop, it was right after they got engaged to be married. This fall, we travelled all the way to Berlin to film thier honeymoon! This is real honeymoon action in all it’s glory – nasty, happy, sloppy, sweet,… (keep going) see page