Puck Goodfellow & Juilette March, Part II

VIP Lounge Watch Now for Free Log In | More Information In part two of this kinky sex scene, the tables are turned and the power play thrown off between captor and victim. These two performers so hot for each other we couldn’t stop them from having more sex – so we just kept quiet and kept the cameras rolling!… (keep going) see page

Akira & Puck Goodfellow

After shooting Seven Minutes In Heaven 2: Tender Hearted, Akira and Puck came up to me and said, “it was such a great shoot day, but we really wanted to fuck each other and we didn’t get the chance!” – and when two hot queers such as Akira and Puck come up to you and say that, you just don’t… (keep going) see page

Chocolate Chip’s Gangbang

Straight from Courtney Trouble’s new film Seven Minutes in Heaven, this scene is a magical, queer-porn-heaven gangbang with Chocolate Chip, Sarah Lee Sinful, Puck Goodfellow, and Carson! If you like this clip, buy the film to see the rest of the scene, plus ten others in the all-sex, all-sexy DVD. Not a Member? Join Now so you can watch this!… (keep going) see page