Puck Goodfellow & Juilette March, Part II

VIP Lounge Watch Now for Free Log In | More Information In part two of this kinky sex scene, the tables are turned and the power play thrown off between captor and victim. These two performers so hot for each other we couldn’t stop them from having more sex – so we just kept quiet and kept the cameras rolling!… (keep going) see page

FTM Fucker Releases Groundbreaking Trans Porn “Tboys + Tgirls”

Hot on the heels of winning “FTM Performer of the Year” from the Transgender Erotica Awards for the second consecutive year, producer/performer James Darling has released the groundbreaking DVD “Tboys + Tgirls“. Featuring the talents of 2015 AVN and XBiz Trans Performer of the Year Venus Lux, as well as Chelsea Poe, Ramses Rodstein, Puck Goodfellow, Jacqueline Woods, Jacques LeFemme,… (keep going) see page

Puck Goodfellow & Juliette March

VIP Lounge Watch Now for Free Log In | More Information   In this rough BDSM scene, heavy submissive Juliette March and the normally sweet FTM porn star Puck Goodfellow immerse themselves deep into an abduction fantasy. Juliette emerges from a drug-induced unconsciousness to discover herself inescapably bound with her hand over her exposed pussy. It’s not long before Puck… (keep going) see page

Red’s Seven Person Gangbang

How do we introduce so many new people all at one? How about a GANGBANG!  new No Fauxxx foxes Red, Soma Startdust, and James Darling join Puck Goodfellow, Akira, Cyd Loverboy, and Chocolate Chip in what is probably the first-ever filmed seven-queer gangbang. Everybody gangs up on Red, who of course is running the show, telling everybody how to fuck,… (keep going) see page

Puck Goodfellow: Batter Up!

Oh Puck, you bad, bad bat boy. You’re supposed to be stretching out for practice, but instead you’ve decided to party on my rooftop. What am I going to do with you? You’re never going to make the team with that attitude… but maybe that ass… 67 Photos / Photography by Courtney Trouble Not a Member? Join Now so you… (keep going) see page

Puck Goodfellow jerks off his strap on cock to Playboy Magazine porn

Puck mixes sex, humor, and wisdom with each and every breath, and we love him for it. At once a startlingly good artist, a brainy sex toy expert, a cuddly fawn, and a self-proclaimed Chihuahua, this ballsy FTM graces No Fauxxx with a special set of stills to entice you. Here he’s taking on the role of a 12 year… (keep going) see page