Rizzo Ford & Papi Coxx

Without one word, Papì comes to Rizzo in a wet dream and dominates her beyond her wildest imagination. The WET DREAM series attempts to bring salacious, captivating queer sex fantasies to life on film, and this dreamy, kinky, endless fanfuck masturbatory journey is beyond dripping  – it’s drenched. Directed and Edited by Courtney Trouble Shot by Courtney Trouble and Ajapornfilms  … (keep going) see page

PapÍ Coxxx: Grab

Our crush on this one just keeps getting bigger and bigger. These photos are perfect, we feel like we could just nuzzle our heads right into every nook and crazy of that perfect body… we hear it form reputatble sources that PapÍ smells really fucking good, to…. MMM…. OK we will be good revolutionaries and just look. We may not… (keep going) see page

Papi Coxxx and Courtney Trouble

VIP Lounge Members: Watch this Scene Now! Not a member yet? Join now for instant access. Fuck, we should have done this years ago! The very second that Papi Coxxx grabbed Courtney Trouble by the hair and shoved her down to her knees, any preconceived notion of what this scene might be fell to the floor in a cum-drenched pile… (keep going) see page

James Darling and Papi Coxxx

So, you just saw the most amazingly hot scene ever of these two, right? Well, if not, go click the videos tab, RIGHT NOW. These two queer famous babes in one room fucking  is truly some porn magic. These are the stills from this delicious scene, ready to make you drool. 52 Photos / Photography by Ella Quincy Not a… (keep going) see page

Why We Show Fisting

It’s Fisting Day, and we here at Indie Porn Revolution think it’s an important sex act to include on our site. Why? Because fisting is censored and excluded from porn all over place! For a lot of you this may come as a big surprise. When we are out in the world, you say, “Huh? Fisting is censored? That’s crazy,… (keep going) see page