Sealu Sideshow & Crybaby

This adorably dirty update is the ultimate gender queer switch scene. Sealu Sideshow and Crybaby playfully wrestle, bite, and struggle with power in a battle of the brats, all for the possession of one enormous juicy apple. These two sexy punks in short shorts and bowties force-feed one another before Sealu gets fisted into a screaming Hitachi orgasm. Throughout the… (keep going) see page

Ned Mayhem: Debut

Time to meet Ned Mayhem of Meet the Mayhems. This awesome performer graced our studio with his quirky charm and even brought some homemade muffins! Can’t beat that! You can however beat off to this awesome set of him doing the same! Ned has the most mesmerizing expressions as he’s grabbing himself and a super gorgeous cock! Enjoy! 57 Photos… (keep going) see page

Basil McNubb: Bedroom Solo

Basil McNubb is a total cutie pie, so we decided to bring this scene of him out from the vault for you to drool over! Lucky you! How can you resist this fuzzy boy, jerking himself off with his hand and then the wahl vibrator positioned just how he needs it?! While we are showing you this hot FTM solo… (keep going) see page

Charlie Spats & Cola

VIP Lounge Members, Watch Now! Study Up, QueerPornTV fans – our scrumptious, southern femme Cola wouldn’t want you to be late for class. In this scene, Charlie Spats is forced to read existentialist literature at the top of his lungs, while Cola spanks him, slaps him, and figer fucks his tight ass! He even gets a good lesson in cock… (keep going) see page

Akira & Puck Goodfellow

After shooting Seven Minutes In Heaven 2: Tender Hearted, Akira and Puck came up to me and said, “it was such a great shoot day, but we really wanted to fuck each other and we didn’t get the chance!” – and when two hot queers such as Akira and Puck come up to you and say that, you just don’t… (keep going) see page