What Does a Feminist Porn Set Look Like?

When speaking about “feminist porn” in particular, it’s clear that it all doesn’t look the same way or illicit the same reactions. Some feminist pornographers make luscious, cinematic short films with great lighting and meaningful or emotionally-driven content. Other feminist pornographers point their handycam at… see page

VIDEO: XBiz 360 Women In Porn Panel: Shattering the Myths

This Mindbrowse. com “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths” (WIP) debate was broadcast at XBIZ 360 at The Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths” is an interactive panel discussion that brings prominent individuals working in the adult entertainment industry… see page

Feminist is Not a Dirty Word: and other thoughts on porn

I want to remind you that “feminist porn” is largely understood NOT as “porn FOR women” or even “porn BY women” – but just PORN, made with gender equality in mind and/OR made with actual feminist politics. Other than good old gender equality, such “feminist… see page