Tobi Hill-Meyer Using Patreon Model to Increase Accessibility

Award winning director Tobi Hill-Meyer has launched a Patreon campaign for the trans women focused site “Doing It Online” in an attempt to increase accessibility while also ensuring sustainability. An erotic documentary site that embraces both pornographic content and in depth interviews, “Doing It Online” has become a valuable resource for the trans community. In response to that, Hill-Meyer began… (keep going) see page

Doing it Again, Vol 2: Fearless Revealing

Doing It Again, Vol 2: Fearless Revealing VOD Release: August 14th 2014 DVD Release: August 14th 2014 A detailed exploration of trans women’s relationship and hookup dynamics. This film series weaves together explicit scenes and interview footage from a diverse range trans women and their partners to paint a holistic portrait of trans women’s sexuality.In Volume 2: Fearless Revealing, trans… (keep going) see page