Sex Toy Review: the G-Twist

Good Vibrations

“Hey baby, you got a package!”

Now that’s what I like to hear from my wife on a lazy, bornig day. Usually when I get a package, it’s either some rare record I ordered from Norton, a piece of art from a friend, or, most commonly, a free sex toy from an awesome company.

This time, it was the G-Twist from Good Vibrations.

Good Vibrations G-Twist VibratorMy very first sex toy was the Nubby-G, and everything that Good Vibes and Fun Factory has come up with together has reminded me of that first time I ever stuffed something made out of soft silicone and quite vibrating moters into my pussy… in other words, virginal heaven. A purring kitten opening their eyes for the first time…

My wife tore open the box with fevered speed and anxiety while I jumped up on the desk in my office and ripped off my lazy-day yoga pants. The pets scattered out of the room and she turned it on about half way, rubbing it up and down my pussy lips until I was ready, which wasn’t very long!

I usually only use the Hitachi for vibration, thinking that anything less is pretty dull and time consuming. The G-Twist is pretty much the only exception though, and now that I’ve tried it, I think my interest in quite, softer vibes is growing. It’s cozy, and it put some really nice pressure on my G-spot.

So, wether you’re a Hitachi girl or a G-spotter person, I would reccomend trying it out. It’s not as expensive as the others and actually works better, in my opionion.

The hard facts: It’s silicone, non-pourus, hypo-allergenic, easy to clean, and you can use water-based OR silicone lube with it. It uses 2 AA batteries and the power lasts for a long time. You can take it in the shower, but don’t give it a bath! The ridges aren’t very good for anal, so keep it on your exteriors or in your cunt.

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