San Francisco Lesbians Wins an X Biz Award!



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TROUBLEfilms was delighted to take the Feminist Porn Release of the Year XBiz Award for their collaboration with Smash Pictures imprint Pink Velvet, “San Francisco Lesbians: SCISSR Sex App“. The trophy marked the queer studio’s first mainstream porn win, and producer Courtney Trouble was thrilled.

“This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to write, direct, shoot, and star in a bigger-budget mainstream-savvy lesbian adult film with one of the most amazing crews I’ve ever assembled. And that film won us a hard-earned XBiz Award!” said Trouble when asked for comment. “I’m obviously very proud of myself, but without this amazing queer porn community I just couldn’t have ever gotten this far. We are doing this together- I will never fall short of amazement for these smart, wickedly funny, adorable, and talented performers and porn makers.”



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