Puck Goodfellow jerks off his strap on cock to Playboy Magazine porn

Puck mixes sex, humor, and wisdom with each and every breath, and we love him for it. At once a startlingly good artist, a brainy sex toy expert, a cuddly fawn, and a self-proclaimed Chihuahua, this ballsy FTM graces No Fauxxx with a special set of stills to entice you. Here he’s taking on the role of a 12 year old boy who just stumbled into his Dad’s secret bathroom in the garage while rollerskating. …Okay!!!!

90 Photos / Photography by Courtney Trouble

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12 Replies to “Puck Goodfellow jerks off his strap on cock to Playboy Magazine porn”

  1. This set is so hot! I love a bit of goofiness with sex.

  2. Miss Lauren

    Puck is soo hot! Great facial expressions! 😉

  3. This looks to be both hot and funny–a good combo.

  4. FG

    great site!

  5. avh

    Adorable. Roller skates totally complete

  6. Oh so tasty!

  7. Wow, these are gorgeous! And hilarious. 😀

  8. Spats

    Awesome! That definitely put a smile on my face. Fun AND sexy!

  9. Hyde

    Absolutely delightful! His expressions -kill-; they are so sincere, and simply flush-inducing.

  10. Adelai

    Ohhh, yum

  11. Kite


  12. Oh my my what great body you have.. I want to lick your tattoos 🙂
    -Sarah Sin

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