Padded Kink: Courtney Trouble & Jiz Lee! A New Era For Me.

This week’s update on Padded Kink ushers in a new era for me, the next block on the street towards my “Queer Porn Iconism.”

For the past three years, I have performed in porn like Nostalgia, Crash Pad Series, Roulette Dirty South, Cocksexual, and Layover with my monogomous partner. It was fun, and a special thing to do with my partner. I am so very proud of all that work fun.

However, since February I have performed in five scenes with other people, initiating a new era for me as a porn performer. It has already been such a wild ride, experimenting with new lovers, learning new tricks, switching from top to bottom effortlessly, and playing with polyamoury and kink in ways I hadn’t for a long, long time.

This scene on Padded Kink is the first of many, many scenes and movies starring me with new play partners, lovers, and friends.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that my darling friend Jiz Lee is my first partner in this new era. This scene was incredibly fun to shoot. Fucking Jiz is like nothing else in the world – those eyes! those tits! MY GOD! I’m not the first to say Jiz is hot of course, but because I know them so fucking well, this fucking was personal, intimate, and precious – even if it was rough, nasty, and kinda sinful…

Shot by Kelly Shibari in Jayme Waxman‘s shower, Jiz tied me up all over the shower, forced freezing cold water on me, made me almost drown on their cock, washed me like the dirty puppy I am, and fucked me senseless while I cowered, shivering, in the corner.

Padded Kink has given me a tiny gallery of the photos from the update, but if you want to see all of the photos and the whole video, you’ll have to join the site – which I reccomend anyways if you’re a fan of Kink Porn!!!!

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  1. MatthewCurry says:

    You Lucky,Lucky girl! Very hot photos n I can only imagine how much fun ya’s both had “working together In the shower” I Love Jiz so much <3 I know she just does girls boo lol but I often fantasise about us taking turns at doing each other.I've never had a girl top me but OMFG that would be phenomenally intense,I can at least experience it when I dream at night I suppose.Love you n all your work too Courtney ya Rock girl xxx

  2. […] but also because I got to share the moment with Courtney. It set the stage as her emergence into a new level of kinky/poly porn performance for the award-winning […]

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