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I just got my hands on my copy of Original Plumbing Magazine in the mail, on my way out to the Official Release party for the zine over at one of my favorite stores, Seventh Heart.

I love this magazine because it mixes the sex appeal of the models Tuck, Cyd, Elijah, Jay R, and Katastrophe with super-personal interviews about sex, politics, culture, and the process of transitioning. The photography by the great Amos Mac is fantastic, personal, and not over-the-top like the only other photographer I know who focuses on FTM portraits. In fact, everything about Amos’ photography, politics, and personality in this project feels so much more accessible, respectful, real, and creative than that other guy.

The fact that this magazine isn’t just about sex is what really gets me into it. Cyd’s story TRASH is a really beautifully written personal-experience piece about squatting, sex work, and the clarity you find in personal space. Katastrophe’s interview is at first an adorable tale of kitten obsessions mixed with some steamy photos of crotch-and-kitten-book, but moves into a conversation about K’s break from recording, his brush with VH1 Reality fame, and the time he considered “going stealth” and changing his recording name entirely to avoid medical questions during interviews.

It’s a breath-taking magazine that you can say “I get it for the articles,” and mean it. Although, those damn pin-ups are distractingly sexy!!!

It reminds me a lot of that faggy zine BUTT that I love so much, except by and for trans guys. I also love that it’s a totally independent release that Amos and Rocco worked so. fucking. hard. to get out into the world.

Here’s a cute video from the release party taken with my new Flip HD. Still trying to figure out exporting settings, but I’ll get there.

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  1. Yes,that’s Ian Sparks and Brett McCloskey showing up as “the bears”.


    Great seeing all of you….and EROS will be selling Original Plumbing too…though by all your adorable clothes at Seventh Heart. I got this great man bag…..it’s like a utilikilt….it’s great!

  2. Just ordered my copy!!

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