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New No Fauxxx Update: Clara

Clara @ NoFauxxx.Com
Clara @ NoFauxxx.Com

One of our absolute favorite models is back in (serious) action over at No Fauxxx… Please welcome the darling Clara, one of our longest loved European models slutting it up in her favorite No Fauxxx gear. Want some of your own No Fauxxx gear? Go to our CafePress store and buy the exact same hoodie and shirt that Clara rocks in this set. Want some of your own Clara? Thought so… Check out her brand new website, Naked Army, which is like a free, Euro version of No Fauxxx. When we got her on the site back in 2004, we KNEW she was up to something fierce. And she’s done more than not let us down, she’s created something seriously ground-breaking and well, fucking HOT. We can’t help it, we love Clara.

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