Well, those names got your attention, huh? You heard us right. Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee, together, on the same couch and fucking. Porno dreams have just cum true. And hard.

This scene was performed in front of a live audience at the Center for Sex and Culture, for its anual Masturbate-a-thon.  It was Nina and Jiz’s first performance together and includes incredible consent, demonstration, dirty talk, fisting, hitachi fun (aka: buzzy thing), safety and tons of laughing from the panting audience. This is up there with one of the hotest scenes we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting or witnessing. Your life will actually be better from watching it and then you’ll wanna watch it again, over and over. We promise. You’re welcome.

Please note: Jiz Lee prefers the pronoun “they,” though it wasn’t used in this scene! Thank you.

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  1. Short clip made my clit twitch.love it,Jiz are always sexy

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! 😀

  3. “Nina breaks in her new Jiz handpuppet.”

  4. I love how sexy this clip makes consent. Enthusiastic consent is hot!

  5. Why oh why was I not there?!!! Just the idea make heart pound.

  6. You’re an inspiration to this genderqueer, Jiz Lee!

  7. I really like the first few seconds where Jiz is making the sexiest face while almost whispering to Nina. Super hot!

  8. I the expressions on Jiz’s face, I love the fisting (or near fisting…not quite sure with the glove), I love the gloves (a reality of fisting sometimes), I love that Jiz looks earnest, and I am excited to hopefully see the rest!

    Thank you for all you do!

  9. I loved the look on Nina’s face, and the noises she made at the end. So hot! And honestly, I love anything with Jiz Lee – they’re just incredibly sexy.

  10. Favorite thing? The way both performers look like they’re doing exactly what they want to be doing.

  11. I love how intense this short clip is! You can tell there’s a connection between Nina and Jiz and the intensity of the moment is not missed! So hot…

  12. So much power in the fist giving and the vulva gripping. Nina mirrors her fist with her hand on Jiz’s throat controlling their pulse. This is not with violence but with a giving and gifting power yielding to the tender flesh that both hands control, Nina knowing with a soft blink and wide smile, Jiz letting her know between breaths which Nina regulates. Jiz’s eyes half closed, on the brink of being so full of fist that their control is only focused on the two fingers palpitating their clitoris peeking out of the soft swollen labial folds and the beginning of the crease between their legs, which were spread widely with Nina perched between. Beauty in motion.

  13. AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! Two of my FAVORITE sexy people! Doing one of my favorite things! And making consent look way hot! And why was that clip so short!?!?! Watching it was like doing and orgasm denial scene. I want MORE!!!!

  14. The best part is the look of utter glee both have!

  15. I love asphyxiation scenes! I don’t see enough of them but also, that wicked laugh that nina gives. Meeeeow

  16. Jiz is the hottest thing everywhere. Hope i win!

  17. Nina is the best

  18. Just great seeing regular people come for a great cause!

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