Exhibitionism for the Shy, in praxis.

From Carol With Love

“Exhibitionism for the Shy is the theory, Live Sex Show is the praxis… xox Carol Queen”

I read Exhibitionism for the Shy when I was “eighteen” and it changed my life. It informed my decision to be a phone sex operator, a burlesque dancer, and eventually a porn star.

When Carol said the above quote in front the tonight’s audience for the Live Sex Show premiere, a wave of emotions came over me. To use one million cliche’s, my heart skipped a beat. I was speechless. I felt a cyclical, generational, evolutional connection.

I owe my first TROUBLEfilms release to Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence. Thank you for trusting me with your brilliant idea of filming a porn film in front of a live audience. That you like the finish product makes me so. fucking. proud.

Buy Live Sex Show.    Buy Exhibitionism for the Shy.    Find out more about the Center for Sex and Culture.

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  1. m/

    i’m totally reading Exhibitionism for the Shy right now because of this blog entry, thinking about buying Live Sex Show soon. sending positive vibrations your way.

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