Courtney Trouble & Scout, at QueerPorn.TV

This is one of the best scenes I’ve ever performed in. Shot in a sexy, high rise hotel in San Francisco with views overlooking this beautiful city, I got to play with one of the most fluid, switchy, playful people I’ve ever encountered. Scout is a gorgeous genderqueer Canadian that I met on the set of my flim Roulette Toronto. After we shot her delicious scene with Lascivia, Scout mentioned that she would love to perform with me! For QueerPorn.TV!

How could I resist that kind of invitation? We made plans to hook up the next time she came to the Bay Area.

Fast forwars a few weeks, and I find myself in this gorgeous hotel with an amazing view of the city, and Scout’s perfectly bruised body. You see, Scout likes impact play. A lot. Giving it, and receiving it. And guess what, I do to! So the shoot was easy – we would beat each other up a little, fuck the crap out of each other, and keep it hot, fast, and sex-positive.

Some of my favorite parts of the scene: Scout threatening to crush my cell phone if I don’t suck her cock. Slapping/hitting Scout’s legs. Getting my ass punched. Having my hair pulled while getting fucked from behind. Giving Scout a seriously sloppy blowjob… the list goes on.

Here’s the trailer for the scene. If you like it, obviously you should go to QueerPorn.Tv and watch the whole thing. You can buy a download or streaming pass, or you can join QueerPorn.TV and enjoy all the other scenes on the site as well!

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    That clip was awesome.

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