What Does a Feminist Porn Set Look Like?

When speaking about “feminist porn” in particular, it’s clear that it all doesn’t look the same way or illicit the same reactions. Some feminist pornographers make luscious, cinematic short films with great lighting and meaningful or emotionally-driven content. Other feminist pornographers point their handycam at two people having sex and put it up unedited on the internet for money.  The… (keep going) see page

San Francisco Lesbians Wins an X Biz Award!

  TROUBLEfilms was delighted to take the Feminist Porn Release of the Year XBiz Award for their collaboration with Smash Pictures imprint Pink Velvet, “San Francisco Lesbians: SCISSR Sex App“. The trophy marked the queer studio’s first mainstream porn win, and producer Courtney Trouble was thrilled. “This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to write, direct, shoot, and star… (keep going) see page

State of the Fist: Fisting Day 2014 Report Card!

courtney trouble and andre shakti for andreshaktixxx.com Welcome to Courtney Trouble’s 2014 State of the Fist, where Courtney (co-founder of Fisting Day!) reports of the past year’s wins and losses in the world of queer fisting porn and censorship! wow, i can’t believe it’s already time to have a check in about fisting. it’s been a busy year for me… (keep going) see page

Important News About TROUBLEfilms Studio: Growing Pains, Or How I Lost the Missing Link

I’ve decided that it would be good to blog about this saga, perhaps there will be a happy ending someday soon. —- This month has not been an easy one. I built, furnished, and celebrated a new space for TROUBLEfilms – my missing link – and lost it three days after the housewarming party. How… why… the details are hard… (keep going) see page

My Riot Grrrl Roots and How it Came To Be That I Made Feminist Porn

much happier days, my adulthood. I found riot grrrl the summer after a shitty freshman year at high school. I was really smart but none of my teachers took me seriously. All my friends were stoner dropouts on the corner and because they were my friends, and i was out as bisexual, and looked like a punk, i was treated… (keep going) see page

Playing in the Autumn Leaves!! New Photos by Isabel Dresler

I don’t think I’ve ever been photographed quite as pretty as this ethereal set by California erotic photographer Isabel Dresler.  I look like myself. I look happy and comfortable and silly and witchy and dark and horny all at the same time. I love these photos. I hope you do, too!… (keep going) see page

Oh, Australia!

OK. A quick wrap-up about my trip Australia. Where to start? I saw plenty of cuddly endangered species and purple blossoming trees, bright sun and Kool-Aid blue waves – but nothing struck me as heavily as the queer communities thriving in Melbourne and Sydney. The queers: they are kind, creative, fascinating, smart, progressive, and really, really doing some amazing shit.… (keep going) see page