My Best Friend’s Perfect Pussy

VOD Release: 04/16/15
DVD Release: 04/16/15 through Pure Play Media Distribution
Directed by Courtney Trouble
SEX IS FUN – and these super cool queer babes love nothing more than staying inside and throwing their own sexy, slippery slumber parties! ela and draven fall in love on screen. nikki and sandy spend an afternoon playing with strap ons, emerald x file and stevie make love on a hot summer day, and daisy, nikki, and denali throw a snuggle party you will cry over not getting invited to.  welcome to courtney trouble’s lesbian sex party – where the girls cum to get off!

Screenshot 2015-03-31 17.34.37

Release: April 2015
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms
Starring: Daisy Ducati, Ela Darling, Nikki Hearts, Nikki Diamond, Denali Winter, Sandy Bottoms, Draven Star, Emerald X File, Stevie

Ela And Draven
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AAA ban this sick filth hardcore cover small copy-300x400BUY “BAN THIS SICK FILTH!” NOW

Newly released on RealQueerPorn, “Ban This Sick Filth!” is a political and sexual revolution within a compilation of films and interviews on porn censorship and its impact in the UK and USA. This collaboration between American performers/producers Kitty Stryker and Courtney Trouble from TROUBLEfilms also features hardcore content and interviews from British performer/producer Pandora Blake from Dreams of Spanking.

Originally planned to highlight censored acts in the UK, this film was denied DVD distribution in the US because of some of the consensual acts depicted.

Porn, often decided to be without “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value”, can and does serve as validation for sexual diversity, queerness, and an enjoyment of non-heteronormative sex. Yet obscenity is not protected by laws around freedom of speech, leaving those who choose to deviate from that norm at risk for social and legal action. “Ban This Sick Filth!” questions and blurs the line between what is called obscene, and that which is said to have “value”.

A portion of the proceeds of this film will be donated to Backlash UK, an organization that offers legal, academic, and campaigning work on behalf of those who find themselves defending their freedom of expression.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.43.59 PMFeaturing an array of scenarios exploring topics considered taboo by censors, “Ban This Sick Filth!” opens with anglophile Kitty Stryker being taught by Courtney Trouble, Andre Shakti, and Ned that maybe the new laws make Britain not very welcoming for kinky porn performers. From UK porn studio Dreams of Spanking comes a serious, disciplinary caning scene directed by Pandora Blake. Obscenity meets blasphemy in a nun/altarboy scene between Joey Minx and Akira Raine, and is followed by a menstruation masturbation solo scene with Courtney Trouble.

Interspersed throughout are interviews with directors and cast on the intersection of porn, artistic expression, and censorship laws, as well as behind the scenes information on how these films were made and conceptualized.

Ban This Sick Filth!” is a playful piece with a serious message- porn censorship is bloody awful!


VOD Release: 09/20/2014
DVD Release: 11/16/2014 through Pure Play Media Distribution
Directed by Courtney Trouble

The debut release of Courtney Trouble Fan Club compilation series is must-have for any Courtney Trouble fan! Highlighted by a stellar hard-pounding, cum drenched sex scene between Courtney Trouble and legendary FTM porn star Billy Castro, this film brings the best of Courtney’s performances right to your TV.

In the first scene, hunky body-builder Billy Castro goes to town on Courtney’s luscious tits, mouth, and pussy with his gigantic cock. Courtney looks at her absolute most beautiful in this Brooklyn-shot scene, and screams hard when they cum all over Billy’s cock and body.

Next, Courtney Trouble and Minnie Scarlet set up a spy cam for a hot make out date, that ends up turning into a wild girl-on-girl POV strap on scene. Watch Minnie bounce her tiny petite body up and down Courtney’s harnessed dildo, but wait! Minnie steals the camera and shows you Courtney’s perfect tits bouncing and they fuck through the afternoon. A dirty look into real sex, straight from the point of view of these two babes.

In a classic QueerPorn.Tv scene, Papi Coxxx comes over to Courtney’s house and seduces them with sloppy kisses and sweet slaps on the tits between they take it to the bed where Papi expertly makes Courtney cum with their hands and cock. Fantastic shots of Papi fucking Courtney doggy style before she rides them hard until she squirts. Then the tables turn, and Courtney fists Papi until they squirt all over Courtney’s perfect tits.

In the two solo scenes included in this compilation, Courtney takes turn being super femmey in a pair of sexy fishnets and a red slip, and strapping on a cock and stroking it in a no-makeup, tomboy style POV scene. This scene starts as a solo jack-off gender bending role play until the camera man decided he has to stick his dick in Courtney’s wet cunt. Watch Courtney cum on his dick as though it were your very own!

the final scene is a vintage bonus throwback with legendary porn star Jiz Lee. Enjoy Courtney’s black hair!!! Back in the day, Jiz and Courtney used to play in real life, and this scene shows that sexy energy that was between them. Tons of tight pussy holes, squirting, making out, slapping, playful impact play, and an extended mutuatl masturbation scene with a close up of Jiz Lee squirting with a speculum inside them!

This DVD has it all – wether you like Courtney for their genderqueer, genre-busting queer porn performances, or their classic girl/girl, or their new ventures into boy/girl (FTMs only in this release, though #2 should include Courtney’s first cis-boy experience!!!) you will watch this film over and over and over again.

Screenshot 2014-10-08 00.29.04

Release: Fall 2014
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms
Starring: Courtney Trouble, Billy Castro, Minnie Scarlet, Jiz Lee, Papi Coxxx

Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians

VOD Release: 01/05/2015
DVD Release: 01/29/2015 through Pure Play Media Distribution
Directed by Courtney Trouble
Trans Lesbians is a beautifully shot, chemistry-driven hard core feature that follows Bailey Jay, Chelsea Poe, and Drew Deveaux through a lusty web of lesbian sex. The five scenes in Trans Lesbians are shot in Trouble’s trademark artistic hardcore style that blends effortlessly the trans-postive porn ethos that TROUBLEfilms is famous for, with an edge of raw, hard core sex that the fans will love.

Bailey Jay, recipient of two AVN Trans Performer of the Year Awards, shines in this release, featuring two hand core scenes. In her queer porn debut, Bailey Jay gets perverted with Chelsea Poe’s panties while enjoying an expertly delivered blowjob, then switches in pure girl/girl style and pounds Chelea’s hole with a glass dildo!

Chelsea Poe, meanwhile, enjoying multiple 2015 awards season nominations, also stars in this film with real life fuck buddy and porn newbie Betti Rubble. The scene in punky, perky, and full of perversions, as Betti Rubble has fun teasing, torturing, and finally fucking Chelsea senseless with a strap on!

Bailey comes back to Courtney Trouble’s sensual seductions, and in this iconic lesbionic scene, enjoy all the luscious soft skin, sexy kissing, finger play, oral sex, and orgasms. This is one of Bailey’s only scenes where you will see her licking and fingering pussy!

Feminist Porn award Heart Throb and trans activist Drew Deveaux makes her huge hardcore porno comeback, starring in two career-making scenes with Courtney Trouble and Andre Shakti. With Courtney, the two lovers can’t tell up from down or top from bottom, as they trade power back and forth faster than you can perceive. There’s so much fucking in this scene, you forget that these babes are bonafide porn stars, and not just mad with lust!

In another lover’s scene, Drew takes on the Dyke March (in a cute Trans Grrrls throwback!) with real life sweetie Andre Shakti. Flirting in the grass, foreplay in the trees, and full on lesbian fucking in a tent? It will convince anyone ever that pride parades are where it’s at when it comes to the best lesbian cruising!

“I wanted to focus on three women who have really put forth so much effort to make the industry a great place to work, and really embody that TROUBLEfilms creative spirit. Bailey, Chelsea, and Drew stand above the rest in my mind as muses and incredible individuals. They are three of the most important trans performers of our generation.”

Trans Lesbians is a follow up film to 2013’s critic’s darling and award-winning title Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now!




Release: January 2015
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms
Starring: Bailey Jay, Chelsea Poe, Drew Deveaux, Courtney Trouble, Andre Shakti, and Betti Rubble

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls + Strap Ons

VOD Release: 09/18/2014
DVD Release: 09/18/2014 through Pure Play Media Distribution
Directed by Courtney Trouble

The next DVD in the series that won Hottest Dyke Film in 2013 and 2014, LESBIAN CURVES 3 is here and it’s just getting wetter!  SOFT GIRLS & STRAP ONS takes us back into the powerful, playful world of plus size lesbian sex that is the award-winning Lesbian Curves series, with five brand new scenes features gorgeous fat femmes, juicy tomboy switches, and deliciously hard and huge strap on dicks. Ponytails, big bellies, sexy lingerie, strap-happy fucking, wet and juicy fingering and pussy licking, and gorgeous bodies from small to extra large make the third installment of Lesbian Curves the best yet!

First, Courtney gives Karla a birthday present to remember that leaves them both sticky and worshipping each other’s luscious curves. April giggles, moans, and comes hard around Q-Tip’s cock before returning the favour with her hands for orgasm after orgasm. Maxine and Kitty can’t decide what to wear and decide that staying in is better than going out, with Kitty making Maxine squirt all over her tits. A sweet massage turns dirty when Syd uses her tongue to caress Cinnamon’s round ass and thick thighs. For the finale, a beautiful scene shows Courtney riding Nikki’s strap on before making her come with a rough fingering.


Release: Fall 2014
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms
Starring: Courtney Trouble, Nikki Hearts, Karla Lane, April Flores, Kitty Stryker, Cinnamon Maxxine, Maxine Holloway, Syd Blakovich, Q Tip

Fuckstyles 2: Dirty Fucks



VOD Release: March 9th 2014
DVD Release: TBA through Pure Play Media Distribution
Directed by Courtney Trouble

from the depths of courtney trouble’s dirty mind:
new queer porn classics sure to make yr head spin
hot dyke couples, trans men, trans women,
& even some gorgeous gay boys

all dirty fucks ready to rock yr world

a hard core porno mix tape

scene list: courtney trouble + sinn sage, jacques lefemme + andre shakti, alaska white + rozen debowe, luxy hearts + nikki hearts, james darling + papi coxx, hayley fingersmith + chelsea poe, juba kalamka + ruckus


DVD_wrap_templateRelease: Spring 2014
Directed By: Courtney Trouble (special guest director cocopop on The Game)
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms and QueerPorn.TV
Starring: Courtney Trouble, Sinn Sage, Nikki Hearts, Chelsea Poe, James Darling, Andre Shakti, Ruckus



AVN Nominated: Best Web Premiere, 2014
Feminist Porn Award nomination

VOD Release: Oct. 3rd 2013
DVD Release:December 1st 2013
Directed by Courtney Trouble

GIRL PILE may be the best lesbian porn film ever released. Porn’s girl craziest superstar Sinn Sage (AVN 2013 Winner, Best All-Girl Scene) hooks up with Tori Lux, Nikki Hearts, and Arabelle Raphael to get super slutty, sweaty, and raw.

GIRL PILE is presented unscripted, unedited, unrehearsed, and untouched so you can see through Courtney Trouble’s signature hardcore HD camera work, that these women are madly attracted to each other, super excited to be fucking each other, and will do anything to get each other off. There’s NOTHING formulaic about this adult film, and we’re proving it by leaving it completely uncut.

These seriously sexy babes leave no hole unfucked, no mouth unkissed, and no audience member wondering if they really like it.


Release: October 3rd 2013
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms and QueerPorn.TV
Starring: Arabelle Raphael, Sinn Sage, Tori Lux, and Nikki Hearts

Available on VOD

Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now!


Trans Grrrls
Out Sept. 27th 2013
Directed by Courtney Trouble
Best Film nominee, Trans Porn Awards 2014
Feminist Porn Release of the Year nominee, X Biz Awards 2014

This queer porn epic is a smoking hot two and a half hours of cute hipster grrrl make outs, hot boy and girl costars, gender bending and blending, heavy petting,playful kink, strap ons, sex toys, oral, anal, muffing, public sex, squirting, cumming, role play, laughter – and even a little bit of love.

Borrowing the iconic language of the riot grrrls, Courtney Trouble is making a serious statement with this sex-positive punk rock porno: trans women belong, and should be forefront, in this here feminist porn movement. TROUBLEfilms hopes to add to the growing library of alternative trans porn available to the queer community, as well as show the mainstream world what can, and will, be done to improve the genre.

trans-grrrls-cover-front-webRelease: September 27th 2013
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms
Starring: Dylan Ryan, Chelsea Poe, Maxine Holloway, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Emma Claire, Ned Mayhem, Hayley Fingersmith, June Day, Ari Crow, and more!

Available for VOD and DVD



HARD FEMME: Lesbian Curves 2



HARD FEMME: Lesbian Curves 2
Out Now: Buy DVD / Watch VOD
Directed by Courtney Trouble

The sequel to the Hottest Dyke Film of 2013, LESBIAN CURVES is here and even hotter than the first!  Shot entirely in Courtney Trouble’s fresh, artistic HD hardcore signature style, HARD FEMME is deliciously bound bodies and big tits and asses getting spanked, sucked, slapped, and fucked. There’s plenty of thick thighs covered in female ejaculate, and sex toys like leather slings, paddles, gags, and rope. Cum along for intense bedroom BDSM with the perfect plus size porn stars that make the Lesbian Curves series the best of it’s kind.

Betty and Kitty wrestle and fuck all over the house until they find the sexy leather sex sling in the corner. Courtney straps on her favorite dick and titty fucks April into utter submission before squirting all over her round, luscious tits. Amory teaches Kathleen a lesson about sloppy make up, slutty outfits, sucking femme cock, and begging for orgasms. Kelly instead forces multiple orgasms out of the delicious Devlyn, bound and gagged in a dungeon. Finally, Sadie turns Ava into  a trembling little sex slave and tortures her with stainless steel kitchen utensils and clothespins before making her squirt all over the kitchen floor in the intense finale of

Bonus suspension bondage scene of Courtney Trouble by Dave Naz!




Release: July 23rd 2013
Directed By: Courtney Trouble
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms
Starring: Courtney Trouble, April Flores, Kitty Stryker, Kelly Shibari, Betty Black, Kathleen Diamond, Amory, Ava Solanas, Sadie Lune, and Devlyn Red
Available for VOD and DVD

Come Find Me

“cutest porn ever”  – Come As You Are, Toronto
“Director Courtney Trouble recruits real life Bike Smut couple Poppy Cox and Gasper Johnson engaging in pretty hot rough sex that is more real and daring as anything you’ll find in a mainstream XXX release. Real because Poppy and Gasper look every bit like you and me, and daring because the sex for once isn’t choreographed. It’s sex captured in a completely natural way—raw, dirty, with no regard for the camera. If there were ever a better example of real “reality style sex” you won’t find sex on camera any more real than in Come Find Me.”  – AEBN
Come Find Me!
Starring Poppy Cox & Gasper Johnson
Out June 1st, 2013
Come to the world premiere event at Center for Sex and Culture!
Directed by Courtney Trouble & Bike Smut!
A woman wakes up to an enticing Polaroid, inviting her on a bike powered scavenger hunt. After a lot of teasing she gets her she gets a thrilling reward.
A true collaboration, with a narrative shot by Bike Smut real-life couple Poppy Cox and Gasper Johnson – and a gorgeous, high definition, high art sex scene of the two of them.This is Courtney Trouble’s first full-length DVD release starring a heterosexual coupling – though these two are far from straight and narrow.

ComeFindMe-Cover-Front-204x300Release: June 1st 2013
Directed By: Courtney Trouble, Poppy Cox, & Gasper Johnson
Produced By: TROUBLEfilms & Bike Smut
Starring: Poppy Cox & Gasper Johnson, with a bonus scene starring Courtney Trouble & Bianca Stone
Available for VOD and special edition DVD with handmade packaging!