What Does a Feminist Porn Set Look Like?

When speaking about “feminist porn” in particular, it’s clear that it all doesn’t look the same way or illicit the same reactions. Some feminist pornographers make luscious, cinematic short films with great lighting and meaningful or emotionally-driven content. Other feminist pornographers point their handycam at… Go

Courtney Trouble Releases “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”

Courtney Trouble has released “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”, a short film about fat femme desire, on the heels of their successful IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for art school. Communicating the rejection of dating ads often stating “no femmes, no fatties”, “APRICOT FOR APRICOT” demonstrates the… Go

Bella Vendetta Makes Trouble a Messy, Waxy, Poetic Mess

bella vendetta and courtney trouble began their flirtations as fellow female web pornographers over a decade ago, but never met – until this fateful night, when art and expression ruled supreme throughout this loving, bright, angsty, feminist ode to self love and the revolution. now,… Go