Queer Porn Americana World Tour with Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble

TROUBLEFilm’s upcoming release QUEER PORN AMERICANA is trekking out on the genre’s biggest screening tour with 5 screening dates over March & April in Brooklyn, Providence, London, Chicago and Tokyo. Queer Porn Americana is AVN-nominated performer Chelsea Poe’s directorial debut that blends the worlds of experimental film, queer music and queer porn. Starring Tiffany Starr, Crona Valentine, and a crop of fresh… (keep going) see page

Training Of Poe Going Strong!

  Buy Now From Our Shop! Adult industry veteran Bella Vendetta has directed her first feature length film. A BDSM documentary that chronicles the submissive transformation of multiple AVN award nominee and Trans 100 recipient Chelsea Poe as she travels to the mountains of Western Massachusetts and does an intense four day slave training with lifestyle and professional Dominatrix Mistress… (keep going) see page

GLITTER and GOLD, a collaboration between April Flores and Trouble!

In true best friend form, Fat Girl Fantasies project founders April Flores and Courtney Trouble released “matching films” today, and both of them are outstanding firsts for the artists and in the genre of plus size/BBW/fat girl porn.   “All that GLITTERs is GOLD,” they say – and we as fat girls, we know exactly what that means. Our bodies… (keep going) see page

What Does a Feminist Porn Set Look Like?

When speaking about “feminist porn” in particular, it’s clear that it all doesn’t look the same way or illicit the same reactions. Some feminist pornographers make luscious, cinematic short films with great lighting and meaningful or emotionally-driven content. Other feminist pornographers point their handycam at two people having sex and put it up unedited on the internet for money.  The… (keep going) see page

Chelsea Poe Releases “The Submissive Mixtape” on VOD July 20th

CHECK OUT THE TRAILER TROUBLEfilms is proud to be releasing “The Submissive Mixtape”, a compilation of scenes by four different directors curated and starring trans porn performer Chelsea Poe. Coming out on VOD July 20th, the film is a genre-defying compilation for both the trans and BDSM porn industries. “‘The Submissive Mixtape’ is a really important film to me largely… (keep going) see page

Courtney Trouble Releases “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”

Courtney Trouble has released “APRICOT FOR APRICOT”, a short film about fat femme desire, on the heels of their successful IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for art school. Communicating the rejection of dating ads often stating “no femmes, no fatties”, “APRICOT FOR APRICOT” demonstrates the beauty of connection when like calls to like without using dialogue. “I had a great… (keep going) see page