Arabelle Raphael & Jolene Parton Part One


You may actually loose track of the dildos and positions these two switchy femmes use, and you’ll definitely give up counting orgasms. The excitement builds with a lusty make-out and grope fest. Arabelle sticks black panties in Jolene‘s mouth and a hand in her cunt before licking and fucking her to a gasping cum. Jolene’s mouth and pussy get stuffed full of all kinds of glass and realistic toys. Arabelle sits on Jolene’s face and rides her tongue to orgasm. Arabelle fists Jolene’s swollen pussy. Then Jolene fucks another orgasm out of Arabelle with a steel pure wand . And this is only Part One!! The bright natural light of this scene illuminates the breath-taking sex between these two naturally pussy-loving ladies.
Music by Glitter Wizard

Run Time: 17.30

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  1. […] Jolene Parton loves fisting so much that she asks for it from Arabelle Raphael when they’re fucking on a bed of dildos. […]

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